Foothills Community Care x Confoil

Foothills Community Care is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide meals, hospitality, and a place to belong in the Dandenong Ranges, Knox, and the surrounding foothills areas.  Launched in 2002, this wonderful organisation began as just a small group of friends looking to help those in the Ferntree Gully area, in partnership with Foothills Community Church.

Today, the care centre offers a community for those looking to connect with others and address challenges such as poverty, family and domestic violence, homelessness, addictions and mental health. It provides an opportunity for those struggling with loneliness and challenging backgrounds to enter into a space where they feel safe, valued, and loved.

At Confoil, we believe in community partnerships and strengthening community bonds through collaborative efforts.   We are proud to be a supplier of products that help prepare the Foothill community meals. As Foothills continues to supply the local community with heart-warming, nutritious meals, we are humbled to know that the containers and food packaging products are from Confoil and help make a difference to this organisation.

Over the past year alone, Foothills Community Care has served over 42,000 fresh meals and delivered over 15,000 food packages, all using Confoil products. We are thrilled to see how our products help provide nourishment and care for those in need across the Dandenong Ranges and the surrounding suburbs.  Find out more about Foothills by clicking here Foothills Community Care | Providing a place to belong for those in need in the outer eastern suburbs (

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