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Our Story

How would it transform your business to have a local Australian food packaging manufacturer that you could rely on to be accessible, consistent and responsive to your needs? For over 50 years Confoil have been providing familiar faces and a product range as diverse as the needs of your business.

Our Story

Over 50 years in the making...

The Confoil story began over 50 years ago in 1966. Our humble beginnings commenced as we embarked on the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of foil trays and containers. Since that time, our diverse range of products has grown substantially, with our product range now consisting of over 350 individual food packaging items. Foil is still at the core of our business, however our range has now extended to include materials such as paperboard, pulp, and eco-parchment to name a few.

Our head office and expansive manufacturing facility is located in Bayswater, Melbourne. Confoil also has operations nationally & throughout New Zealand.

100% Australian owned and operated

Confoil is proud to state that we are a 100% privately owned Australian family business. To us, being local means that we are able to be responsive to our customers needs, engage as an active part of our community and support local jobs. These are contributions we are extremely proud of. Confoil are honoured to be members of Family Business Australia - the peak Australian body committed to providing support and guidance to the family business sector.


A family legacy

We have seen a lot change over the years here at Confoil, but one thing that will never change is our love of family. Our founders began this company as a family owned and operated business, and now, 50 years on, the family legacy continues with daughters and sons of our original founders still actively working in and managing the business. Founded initially by friends Jim McEwen and Ken Strickland who met on a sailing trip, they were quickly joined by Engineer Alan Henderson who brought a wealth of technical knowledge to the business in the way of manufacturing and machinery know how. Confoil are extremely proud to say that the majority of our workforce has chosen to be with us for most of their working careers. Our history and corporate culture is steeped in loyalty to our extended Confoil family and our wonderful customers and is a testament to the values Jim, Ken and Alan brought to the business.

Our product range
  • Foil Trays & Containers

    Foil containers are at the core of what we do and what we have been doing for over 55 years now. Perfect for preparing, displaying, and cooking chicken, fish, red meat, prepared meals, prepared vegetables and salads, deli counter ranges and baked goods. Wrinklewall foil trays are an especially popular choice for caterers and bakers. Made from quality foil, our wrinklewall trays are 100% recyclable and endlessly renewable, making them a great environmentally responsible choice.. Take a look at vast array of shapes, sizes and styles.

  • DualPak® Trays

    Made from pressed paperboard with a PET liner, our DualPak trays feature natural insulation properties that will not crack, even when frozen. DualPak trays and containers are perfect for preparing, displaying and storing pre-prepared meals in, and is the go-to choice for many food manufacturers due to its practical qualities as well as the fact that it is able to be custom branded.

  • Pulp Products

    Made from sturdy wheatgrass, our pulp trays offer a multi-cavity and seperated solution for food preparation and are designed to be heat sealable. Our pulp range of products includes meal trays, portion cups and produce trays. Our pulp meal trays are heat sealable and designed to be used with tray sealing equipment and a compatible film lidding.

  • Baking Moulds & Muffin Wraps

    Our paper baking moulds tick all the boxes. Available in several shapes and sizes, we offer a great selection of beautiful and robust designs, ideal for deliciously baked goods. Our baking moulds are made from renewable paper sources. Using paper baking moulds is an ideal choice from a practical and convenience perspective.

  • Catering Supplies

    Our catering supply range includes baking paper, catering foil, vegetable parchment baking sheets and our range of foil pop-up sheets. All products are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, perfect for busy kitchens.

  • Tray Sealing Equipment & Films

    Confoil's range of manual or automated tray sealing machines are designed for use with our DualPak trays and pulp meal trays. Tailor a solution for your kitchen by combining the right choice of packaging, lidding and tray sealing equipment, depending on the needs of kitchen.

  • Seasonal Products

    Are you looking for those special products to help celebrate the season? Confoil offers a range of Easter products and Christmas themed baking moulds and wraps. Convenient and easy to use, our specialty baking moulds are the perfect choice for your Christmas season baking needs and add that touch of festivity to your baking.


What Happens After A Product Is Used?

This question is top of mind for us when it comes to every product in our range. Confoil actively works to promote recycling both internally and amongst our suppliers. We do this by sourcing and promoting product ranges and materials which minimise the environmental impact on production and distribution. Confoil are also proud signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant and are committed to their evolving framework that aims for all packaging to be either recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or compostable by 2025.

  • We Believe

    In Supporting Local

    From one local Australian business to another, your growth and success is of vital importance to us. We are invested in your story and we want to be a part of it. To us, supporting local means supporting our community, it means reliability and it means responsiveness.
  • We Believe

    In Creating With Care

    Confoil's range of products is created with sustainability at the forefront - by sourcing and promoting product ranges and materials which minimise the environmental impact on production and distribution. We are also proud signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant and are committed to the evolving framework provided by the covenant that aims for all packaging to be either recyclable, renewable and biodegradable or compostable by 2025.
  • We Believe

    In a Sustainable Future

    Our commitment to creating with care is not just limited to our product range. In 2019 we installed over 2000 solar panels on the rooftops of our primary Bayswater manufacturing facility, meaning that much of our production is now powered by renewable energy from the sun. This move has actively reduced our CO2 emissions by over 525 tonne to date - that's the same as taking 114 cars off the road each year.

"There is no "away" when we throw anything away. It has to go somewhere."

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