For the Perfect Bake: Baking Moulds

There’s a common knowledge shared between chefs, bakers, foodies and anyone producing a high-quality range of baked goods: the baking mould is just as important as the ingredients!  The mould you choose doesn’t just determine the shape of your bake, but it can also be the difference between a clean and messy kitchen, and overall, influence the look and appeal of the finished result.  Our extensive range of paper and eco parchment baking moulds are much-loved favourites amongst commercial bakers, cafes, and food manufacturers. And it’s for good reason. When it comes to baking, they tick the right boxes!

One size doesn’t fit all
Baking moulds and muffin wraps from Confoil come in a whole host of shapes and sizes. So, you’ll be able to find a mould or wrap that’s as individual as your bakes! From round to rectangular (even star-shaped!) and in varying heights and depths, there’s a perfect mould for every bake.

Are they freestanding?
Good news! Our paper and parchment baking moulds can definitely hold their own.  Super sturdy and suited to all types of baked goods and delicacies, our professional baking moulds can hold up under the heat, so you can rest assured knowing that you don’t need to compromise on a beautifully finished product.   We can help you present your baked goods professionally and oh-so uniquely! Visit out shop to view our baking mould range.

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